This week’s big question: “What do you, Mary Ellen and Ed, do for your clients?”

The answer:We Give You Permission to be Happy!

Really, people leading contented lives don’t abuse alcohol.

How do you get from where you are to where you would like to be? That’s what we spend the first 5 days, the days at our offices in California, figuring out.

Then we begin that “radical” part – 12 weeks of real follow-up – coaching, motivating, hand holding, advising, congratulating, commiserating, and celebrating – as you create a day-to-day life that suits you.

That’s  right – your life. Not “their” life.

You can start now. Start by thinking about what your ideal life would actually look like. Then calling and talking to us about how to start building that interesting, rewarding, intimate, and fulfilling life.

We don’t fault you for avoiding traditional treatment and the prospect of a dreary, depressing and demeaning life after alcohol. We wouldn’t sign up for that either.

But that’s not what we offer – we offer an expanded, a real, and engaged life, and a better life.

It’s your decision, of course, and we respect that. But if you’ve decided it’s time to “get a life” we’re here to answer your call and discuss possibilities.

What’s the Latest on Alcoholism Genes?

The Tuesday, February 8, 2011, Wall Street Journal carried a synopsis of the current state of the research on the “Search for Alcoholism Genes”

While the article tends to overemphasize a few points not necessarily supported by the research cited, the information on appropriate drug support is very applicable.

But real problems remain – especially with regard to doctors.

Anyone who has ever tried to get help from doctors has learned, they frequently won’t help.

Why not?

First, because most don’t know anything about alcohol abuse or the research.

Second, they don’t believe there is anything that helps.

Third, they aren’t going to address it because doing so results in losing patients.

Fourth, even doctors who know the research are simply going to refer you to AA or AA based programs because, while they know these don’t work, they cover their liability and they do appease the hospitals they work for – hospitals who make enormous profits from their own outpatient programs.

And the list goes on…..

Even when patients and clients do agree to try medication support, there is the problem of compliance. Realistically, very few people will actually keep on taking a medication for very long, if it interferes with their drinking.

Remember, meds don’t fix your alcohol problem. They only buy you a window of opportunity within which to fix the problems you are medicating, without being distracted by cravings.

So, what’s the reality?

Come and see us, work with our physician on the med issue, and then we’ll address the real problems that are prompting you to abuse alcohol.

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