“Does outpatient rehab work?”

This is another of those frequently Googled search phrases that has folks finding their way to our website.

The problem?

The question makes a couple of assumptions that are false to start with. First, the question implies that residential programs “work” when there isn’t any actual evidence that they do and quite a bit that they don’t.

Second is the implication that all outpatient programs are alike and either do or don’t “work.”

Once again we are stuck with the usual problem of people being misled into thinking that “rehab” is something that is done to them, or for them, and either works or doesn’t.
Again, the real question should be, will a particular form of rehab be effective for me?

Remember, almost all rehab programs, 98% in the U.S. and Canada, are based on AA and AA has less than a 5% success rate. Therefore, programs based on the 12 Steps are doomed to have the same miserable outcome rates. It doesn’t matter if they are inpatient or outpatient.

Alternatives? Research based programs have success rates of 60% or more depending on the program and the client. That’s right — it depends on you, too. We note, we can do it with you, but not for you or to you.

Skeptical? We would be too. So click on the following link for a review of what works, then decide if you want to get better.

Ending Alcohol Abuse: What Works

Early in December we were honored to receive the following request to translate parts of our website:

“I’d love to use it in a project I’m involved with called “Geek Science”, so I’m seeking your permission for translation to Romanian language. “Geek Science” is a freemium-model non-English language orientated start-up with collection of scientific articles, personal notes etc. in several languages that is collaboratively edited by volunteers from around the world since 1999. Young and old, students and professors – even your neighbor could be a volunteer member.”

Along with the note: “Not being able to announce it otherwise, I ask you for linking back to the translation to spread the good news around the globe. :)”

Again, we are honored and pleased. And if you’d like to read us in Romanian — or just see the site — click on the above and enjoy! We did. And, no, we don’t speak Romanian either.

And now, regardless of how you got the message, give us a call and let’s get your problem solved!

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