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“How do I stop drinking without rehab?”!

Frankly, your chances of ending your alcohol abuse are a lot better without traditional rehab than they are with – which is why we offer an effective alternative.

But first, what are the chances that the pervasive “Minnesota Model” of AA/12 Step rehab is going to work for you? Depending on who you are and where you go, somewhere between 0% and 15% with the average, like AA, being less than 5%.

So if you’re looking for an option, we support you – and it also means your chances of success are already far better than those cited above.

Why? Because you’re assuming responsibility instead of looking for the life long excuse to keep on drinking that’s known being “in recovery”.

What are the key elements to successfully leaving alcohol abuse and dependence behind? First is believing that you can; next is maintaining motivation; third is good short term help that’s based on research, not cults; and, finally, good support.

Traditional rehab tries to brainwash you into believing exactly the opposite of what actually works!

No wonder people far more often quit “on their own” than by going to “rehab”. Which is why we don’t do “rehab” – we help you fix your life your way, and leave the problems behind. Permanently!

And an extra bonus for our readers in Alaska (as well as the Yukon and Northern Canada), we now provide services to you – services based on over 20 years of life in the Bush. For specifics, see our Help for Alaskans  page!

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