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Get Your Head Out Of The Sand!!

Mary Ellen’s Scruffy is a great office dog, but he’s a lousy role model.

Isn’t it time you stopped emulating him and started getting a life?

So come on! Give us a call and come on out and let   Scruffy do what he does best, give you his famous  Wheaten Greetin’.

AA – Does It Work?

This question crops up in Google searches all of the time – along with similar questions regarding CBT, Graham Crackers, and a dozen other possibilities.

The problem?

Reality is that everything, including AA and Graham Crackers, “works” for somebody.

The real question you should be asking with any approach is “will it work for me?”

In the case of AA, are you one of the 3% for whom AA offers a long term solution? Are you very immature? Do you like group activities and rituals? Or are you hyper-conscientious and want to protect vulnerable “sheep” from 13th Stepping “sponsors”? If so, then AA may well work for you.

But if you’re a member of the other 97%?

Chances are you’re in that demographic since those who are AA material aren’t the folks who subscribe to our newsletter.

So who are you? Let’s leave it at smarter, more sensitive, more successful, and much more independent than those anxious to join a cult.

No, we don’t have a magic bullet or wand or pixey dust – we leave that to others – nor do we have any other one-size-fits-all solution. What we do have is a variety of tools, skills, and experience, and we’re good at working with you to create the individual solution that will work for you.

Time to get a life instead of a label? Then it’s also time to call!

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