“How can I quit drinking alcohol?” is a search phrase that has a lot of people coming to our website.

The answer? It depends on you.

That’s right – it depends on you, your interests, strengths, abilities, motivation, and so on. It also depends on what you’re using alcohol for, how long, and what sort of support you may have or want to develop.

Quitting drinking always means finding new ways to get whatever relief alcohol has been providing. Lonely? Bored? Anxious? Angry? Injured? Isolated? Menopausal? Grieving? Lost? Confused? Alcohol works!

Of course alcohol only provides a temporary respite, not a satisfactory long term solution, and the side effects eventually overwhelm the benefits.

Think about it logically – you abuse alcohol because it provides fast, effective, and legal short-term relief. But now the cost of that relief is showing up, physically, maritally, professionally, legally, or in any number of other negative ways.

Isn’t it time to let us help you create real solutions that treat the cause of your misuse of alcohol – solutions that don’t leave you worse off after treatment than you were before? Doesn’t it make sense that if your life is better without alcohol than it is with it’ll be fairly easy to avoid returning to your current misery?

That’s why our clients succeed where other approaches fail – other “programs” that leave you with a life even more depressed, isolated, demeaned, and diminished than what you have now.

We work with you to recreate your life the way it’s meant to be, using a mosaic of approaches, custom tailored to you, your life, and your wishes.

We don’t cram you into the failed approach 98% of all other facilities employ.

More details are just a call away – and you’ll talk to one of us, not a marketing department, sales rep., or anyone else who’s only interest is in conning you through the revolving doors of their treatment mills.

Assertiveness anyone?

You, like all of our clients, are successful in many aspects of your life, especially professionally. But in your personal life?

If we were asked to state what traits our clients and callers share, we’d have to say that most of you, in addition to all of your obvious successes, have very unsatisfactory personal lives which you are making worse with your lack of assertiveness.

That’s right – a lack of assertiveness, not your drinking!

For most of you, drinking is simply a passive-aggressive way of punishing your spouse or partner while also numbing anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and whatever else you’ve decided is easier to medicate than fix.

Until it stops working.

We see a lot of husbands who are terrified of their wives; wives who are terrified of changing their lives; partners who are drowning under the demands they are afraid to refuse. All of whom are afraid to stand up for themselves.

But, paraphrasing John Donne, “if I won’t stand up for myself, why should anyone else?”

It’s hard to have a good and rewarding relationship when you’re both engaged in controlling, punishing, resisting and saying “screw you.”

Its also tough when neither of you have any credibility with the other, anymore.

So how do you fix this cycle and start building an actual relationship? That starts with letting us work with both of you and the notion that drinking has become a symptom of the real problems you both have.

Again.  We are the only program that can and will work with couples. No one else has the format, experience, or skills to make it work. But we do and you can escape the “he did, she did, you did” trap that dooms all traditional couples counseling and treatment.

It’s time to give up passivity, aggression and passive-aggression and the alcohol abuse that goes along with it. That starts actively and assertively, with just a call:

Toll Free 888-541-6350 Across the U.S. & Canada
760-580-5758 Here In the Los Angeles Area

 A rare opportunity to meet with Ed in East PA.

I’m going to be in Reinholds, PA August 16 if you’d like to meet for dinner and talk about the possibility of coming to CA to work with us.

You can call me directly at 760-580-5758 to schedule the time.

See you at the Black Horse Inn in Denver, PA?


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