“I’m calling to ask about your novel approach…”

We recently received that call from a doctor who was thinking about referring a patient. We were caught off guard for just a minute, “novel” approach?

We’re research based and even the research isn’t novel, new, or experimental. What we do with clients comes from the work of Dr. Alan Marlatt at the University of Washington; that of Drs. Prochaska, Norcross, and DiClemente; Dr. Jane Loevinger of Washington University; Drs. Mark and Linda Sobell ; many other researchers and organizations, and our own research of the past 25 years.None of this is “novel” or new or even experimental and it all works! And much of it has been available for decades!

What is different is the way in which we have put it all together in a format that greatly enhances your success by providing an individual program designed specifically around you!

Additionally, when you are working with us you are also working with both of us – a team of experienced professionals (not just para-professional CD counselors) – who also have personal and family experience with alcohol abuse – dedicated to your best interests and successful outcomes.

Finally, another of our success enhancing innovations is working with couples and, occasionally, families. Again, something no one else does because it requires skill, experience, and a client centered focus.

No, our approach isn’t novel – and surely wouldn’t be unique if other programs were research based and dedicated to solving your problems. But they aren’t. That being the case, why not call and talk to us about proven methods to achieve real results?

“I’m calling from Florida. I just arrived at a treatment center here and despite what they said on the phone, they’re all 12 Step!!! Help!”

We wish this was a rare call, but it’s not. As Mary Ellen noted in her article “Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Sent My Brother Off To Rehab”, many treatment centers lie about their AA/12 Step program model.


First, because they’re only interest is in getting you checked in and collecting your money.

Second, most facilities are well aware that what they offer doesn’t work so what’s a little more deception?

Third they don’t have anything else to offer since real help requires skilled staff, individual attention, and the inclusion of spouses whenever possible – all of which cost money they don’t ever want to spend.

Finally, even those who actually believe in what they’re doing believe it’s okay to deceive you in order to lure you into treatment – after all, you’re an “alcoholic” who’s “in denial” and incapable of making decisions for yourself.

If all of that appeals to you, be our guest and sign up for the business model of treatment that pretty much guarantees you won’t be leaving alcohol abuse behind anytime soon.

On the other hand, if you want to fix the problem – quietly, effectively, efficiently, and permanently – then it’s time to call us and discuss real help.

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