If you are among the growing number of women in their 30s, 40s and 50s who say, “I was in control of my social drinking for years and never had a problem, until this year…”

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Dr. Barnes discusses the women’s program (running time 3 minutes 6 seconds)

Discover How Anxiety, Isolation, Menopause And Other Factors Increase Your Risk Of Dependency (And Cause Recovery To Be More Difficult)… And What You Can Do About It”

If you’ve gone through a 12 Step — Or 30, 60, or 90 Day In-Patient Program — and still struggle, perhaps it’s because your treatment ignored some basic facts about women and alcohol.

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You’ll discover…

  • Why the male-focused treatments behind almost every 12 step program don’t help. Instead, they actually reinforce the underlying problems that lead to alcohol abuse and make it almost impossible to get your drinking under control.
  • Why the “disease model” undermines your ability to make a full recovery… and how current research provides a simple but effective way to unlearn dependent behaviors in much less time than you may think…
  • How to replace distorted coping mechanisms with empowering habits, that allow you to take your life back from alcohol abuse…
  • The single most important thing to look for when you seek treatment, and how to avoid being turned into a permanent patient…

What’s Stopping You From Taking The First Step?

…Is It Fear of Failure? When you consider that 12 Step programs consistently report only 2% to 5% success rates, should you really blame yourself if your drinking isn’t under control yet? Why not take a few moments to find out if there’s a smarter way to overcome alcohol dependency…

…Or Maybe Fear of Success? Discover how to create a compelling vision for life after alcohol, powered with the ongoing support you need to stay on on track and keep moving forward into a life free from problem drinking…

What has this Fear already cost you?
Time, Money, Your Family’s Respect, Your Confidence, Your Goals, Your DREAMS?

Intensive 5-Day Treatment… Comprehensive After-Care… Full Recovery

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