Specialized 4 Day Non 12 Step Alternative Alcohol Treatment Program

If you were having problems with your finances or investments, pains in you back or neck, or questions regarding your credit or mortgage, you’d consult someone who’s a specialist in each of these categories, not someone who randomly advertises that they can help you with all of these problems. Not only do they advertise that they can help with everybody’s problems, but they’ve discovered the one magic solution that solves them all.

You’d run from that person without even stopping to listen any further.

But if you’re problem is alcoholism or alcohol abuse, you’ll find the people running traditional treatment programs are peddling the same old formula regardless of what a person is abusing. They do not care about your circumstances, your history, your age or gender or anything else. They don’t even bother to differentiate between dependence and abuse. They are selling one program and one program only.

Frankly, they don’t care because it doesn’t matter to them. They all have a one size fits all program that don’t work any better for one set of conditions than it does for another, the same old 5% success rate or less.

But it does matter to you. Alcohol abuse or dependence? Recent or long term? Woman or man? And so on through the list of variables that matter. Finally, what sort of outcome do you want? 5% or 70% success?

We’re specialists in alcohol problems only. Mostly we work with clients who are between 40 and 70 years of age, though we do take the occasional exceptional individual who’s younger.

As specialists with a combined experience of over 30 years, we know how to figure out what will work for you. We’re not wedded to any particular “ism” nor do we pretend that we have some magical sure fire formula that will fix you without any effort or investment on your part. We wish we did. But you know as well as we do, that no such effortless cure for a long term problem exists.

We do, however, know how to design the mosaic of ingredients that will work for you and we do know how to support you as you go through the day to day changes that give you a much more satisfactory life. CBT? Naltrexone? Assertiveness training? Diet? Exercise?  Motivational enhancement? Education? Professional development? Geographic change?

All of these possibilities, and the right combination for you, “work,” but only in the proper proportions and in the ways that appeal to you.

Any number of changes will result in diminishing your alcohol use. But which ones will you like well enough to keep doing long term? What are you willing to try in order to find out?

Some clients have suggested that we are more like life coaches than therapists or counselors, and we agree to an extent, but we are more than a role. We are the detectives exploring your life with you and suggesting the options you either don’t see or are afraid to try.

We’re the professionals who know how to chart your route out of alcohol abuse undistracted by groups, cults, slogans, myths, and all of the other things that stand in your way as a generally smart, competent, successful person.

Let us give you the short term assistance you need to extricate yourself from this common and usually overblown problem.

Yes, it’s a problem – but it’s also something you can fix and it need never come back to haunt you again.

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