Confidential Non 12 Step Alcohol Treatment

In its very beginnings, AA did get one thing right – Alcoholics Anonymous! Unhappily, it’s been a very long time since there was any anonymity in AA.

The same goes for virtually all forms of alcohol abuse and alcoholism treatment, whether residential “rehab” or out-patient programs. All of these rely on groups and the vast majority use AA as their only follow-up or on-going support.

The problem is that groups generally, and AA groups in particular, are not confidential and you are always at risk for being “outed” publically as an “alcoholic” even though chances are you are abusing alcohol, not alcohol dependent alcoholic. Of course the alcoholic label may also hurt you professionally, personally, and in the negative ways it affects your self-image and restricts you ability to fully participate in your own life.

There are also other less obvious reasons for seeking confidential non 12 step treatment. For example, seeking help can lead to a public record and label. If you use insurance, you run the risk that you will be labeled with an “alcoholism” treatment code and your insurance company will share this information with all other insurance companies. Need life insurance or an increase in your coverage? Forget it. Need private health insurance? Think the rates are bad now? And car insurance? Guess.

These sharing practices are also growing and soon will affect your ability to get a mortgage as lenders factor in your “alcoholism” in assessing your reliability.

And then we’ll move along to the effects on your employment potential. Already, a single DUI can end a physician’s or attorney’s career, as it can that of a registered nurse or teacher or others in the licensed professions. Even an anonymous report can have the same effect in many states and all that takes is a call from a disgruntled participant in your “group,” a vindictive employee, an AA member who doesn’t like you questioning the absurdity of The Steps, a family member jockeying for leverage, or just about anyone else.

ign up for most treatment programs and you are signing up for a lifetime of looking over your shoulder.

Instead, we suggest you work with us , the only truly confidential non 12 step treatment program in the country, where the biggest “group” will consist of you and the two of us, and possibly a spouse or other family member at your request.

Yes, you will pay for it since we do not accept third party payments but that amounts to an untraceable one time payment.

Yes, you will receive a consultation with our physician – which we schedule and is covered by our program fee and which will not generate any entry into the medical data gathering octopus.

No, you will not be outed by disappearing for 30 days or more – you will simply be taking a week’s vacation in southern California.

No, you will not be referred to AA as follow-up or support or aftercare. You may be encouraged to join the Sierra Club, or work with Habitat for Humanity, or REI and pursue interests incompatible with drinking, but you will never be mandated to join anything that exposes you to labels and a vastly reduced life.

Yes, we’ll help you return to being a “normie” – not demanding that you hide from normies and a normal life.

And, yes, you can accomplish all of this with our confidential non 12 step treatment, which is effective,  private, affordable, and delivered with good will and good humor that will serve you well in the years ahead.

Why settle for less? We haven’t and you shouldn’t either.

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