Finally! An Effective Option For Alaskans!

It’s Time to End Your Alcohol Abuse Permanently, Privately, and Affordably!

Until now, Alaskans haven’t had access to real solutions to alcohol problems. In-state programs are ineffective and public. “Outside” programs are equally ineffective and clueless about Alaska. We aren’t!

Why Not?

Because I spent over twenty years in Alaska – Aniak, Pt. Hope, Rampart, and Kodiak with enough time in Fairbanks, Anchorage and on the Kenai to have gotten to know most of Alaska and Alaskans.

Now as a result of my collaboration with Dr. Mary Ellen Barnes we are able to provide effective research and experience based services to individuals, couples, and families in a private, confidential, and affordable program designed around you and your needs.

The Solution?

Our 5-Day Program is the most effective help available today. Not only are our clients far more successful than other programs’ clients (65% vs. less than 5%), but you can leave your alcohol abuse behind permanently.

No Labels! No “Steps”! No Meetings! No Stigma! No Cults! No Myths!

Real solutions to real problems.

Solutions that leave you recovered! Not “in recovery”!

January, February, and March are coming up – take a vacation and fix the problem once and for all.

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Read it, then give us a call and discuss how we can help you put alcohol problems behind you.

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