Happy Halloween?

Here it is, Halloween weekend and a time for massive “adult” celebrations that usually involve more alcohol than any weekend including Super Bowl Sunday.

How’s that working out for you?

Probably not too well.

Is it also a preview of the rest of the holiday season right up through the Super Bowl?

And why is it that you want to keep doing this to yourself and family and friends?

There are people who keep on doing the same self-destructive patterns and behaviors because they aren’t smart enough to figure it out. But they’re neither our clients nor our readers.

So why are you acting dumb when you’re anything but? Why do any of us, whether it’s alcohol, carbohydrates, cigarettes, or sloth?

The quick answer is that we mostly live “in the moment” and we tend to do what feels good, or eases pain, “right now” without much regard for the long term consequences.

Trouble is, focusing on immediate relief prevents us from achieving much long term pleasure too.

And, over time, as you’ve discovered, even the short term relief only lasts for a few hours, at best, and the morning-after consequences are pretty awful.

What to do? How about just making that first investment in yourself and a better life? All that takes is a call and a conversation.

Will Power

We’ve been reading the book Will Power this week as we pursue ever more effective tools to help you – and us – manage our lives in more satisfactory ways.

Turns out “will power” is an actual strength and can, like muscle strength, be increased, diminished, and managed.

The book also confirms much of our approach in helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

This includes:

  •     Focusing on one problem at a time;
  •     Creating new behavior pattern to replace old ones;
  •     Scheduling;
  •     Reinforcing;
  •     Motivating;
  •     BALANCING!!!!!

And so on….

You’re welcome to read the book – it’s good prep work – and you’re more than welcome to call and let us help you take advantage of all of the real research into fixing your alcohol abuse.

That’s right. Real research. Not myths, cults, “Steps” and other nonsense that ‘ll only prevent you from becoming an ex-drinker.

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