Are you drinking too much but don’t want to quit entirely?
We don’t blame you!

And, guess what? With our Alcohol Treatment Program you may not have to. That’s right, you may be able to moderate your drinking.

As you probably know, and despite all of the politically correct hoopla, some people are capable of learning to moderate their alcohol use and some are not. Many of the people who are successful at moderating do so through good planning, professional support, and the use of Naltrexone. It’s a process that follows the models used successfully in Europe and Canada and in a very few exceptionally good U. S. programs.

“Thank you for helping me moderate my drinking. I knew I could do it, if I had support. You provided me with that support and so much more. I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding counseling.” – Rick, B., Hermosa Beach , CA

“Naltrexone is a miracle drug in moderating my drinking. Y.E.S. helped me with moderation when no other program would.” – Deanne, D., Los Angeles, CA

“One glass of wine a day! I can’t believe it. Your help was wonderful and made it all possible. I am telling my girlfriends to come and see you!” – Carla P. Manhattan Beach, CA

Successful Moderation Is Possible

You may have heard that successful moderation is impossible, but don’t confuse 12-Step marketing hype with actual research. A recent National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism study of 43,000 U.S. adult alcoholics, for example, found that more than one-third had successfully moderated their drinking over the previous year. (The actual study and additional research is available at SUNY-Pottsdam)

You won’t be surprised to learn that “disease model” adherents argue that these successful moderators weren’t really alcoholics. Yet these same people would cheerfully affix life-long labels to anyone with the slightest symptoms of alcohol abuse – and accuse them of being “in denial” if they objected.

Can you imagine volunteering for a program where services and outcomes are predetermined regardless of your actual condition? But that’s the common U.S. model these days and it has no time for differences in either people or outcomes.

Alcohol Moderation Success
Is About Awareness

Wouldn’t you really like to know if you’re one of the people who can return to healthful drinking levels? If so, success is largely about awareness, knowing your drinking triggers, planning, and practicing.

It can be harder than it sounds and that’s where our support comes into play. We believe in helping you achieve your goals – not some cult agenda – and we’re dedicated to really understanding you, your drinking patterns, urges and triggers, and where things are going wrong. We want you to be successful!

“Working my plan helps me keep my drinking in line. You told me is was all about planning and triggers and such, and it is! Your support has been a great help. You guys have helped me far beyond my expectations.” Chris S. Santa Monica, CA

“Moderation works. The guidance from you was really helpful. I told my best friend he should come see you for help too!” Saul B. Hermosa Beach, CA

“I did it! Your support and encouragement made all the difference to my success with moderation. It is really nice to be able to have a glass of wine when my boyfriend and I go out. You guys are awesome.” Kerri M,. New Orleans, LA.

Medication Helps

To maximize your success, we initially recommend the short term use of Naltrexone and we are happy to consult with either your personal physician or arrange for you to see the doctor we work with. We have copies of the free U.S. Naltrexone information pamphlets and studies available for you or you may order them directly at

Of course, the success of moderation attempts is unpredictable. Some clients succeed while others decide abstinence works better for them. We support you in whatever decision you arrive at and assist you in achieving your goals.

Are you ready to try moderating your drinking? Give us a call at 760-580-5758. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, give us a call and come in for a free consultation. If you live out of the Los Angeles area, call us and we will be happy to chat with you on the phone about the possibilities. Our Accelerated Program and our regular Outpatient Program are great for people wanting to moderate their drinking.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by calling to get the facts. Call us today at 760-580-5758.