What’s the hardest part of leaving your alcohol abuse behind?

In the case of our  clients, it’s making that first phone call.

How hard is that? We won’t disagree with what you already know – it’s damn hard!

How do we know? Because you tell us both directly and indirectly.

Directly when you do call or after you finish your 5 Day portion and wonder aloud about why it took soooo long to get here.
Indirectly by seeing subscribers to this Newsletter read them for months, or years, but still not manage to make that first call that would start the process of leaving alcohol problems behind.

Why not call?

Really, we don’t bite, berate, cajole, arm twist, threaten, demean, diminish, or embarrass – those are all the pervue of 12 Step programs.

We know you aren’t dumb, diseased, powerless, sub-human, or abnormal – you’re simply someone who fell into alcohol’s embrace because it worked.

And now it doesn’t.

So now it’s time to put alcohol abuse behind you. Time to move it into a “been there, done that, thanks” category.

But whether or not you’re ready to do that next week or next month, or really not until next year, why not get the “hardest” part over with and call us today? (Yes, we answer the phones every day.)

That’s how you’ll discover that the “hardest” part isn’t hard at all and that it’s simply a part of the surprisingly interesting process of creating a better life.

And you’re life will be better – enhanced and empowered, not diminished, degraded, and demeaned (again, that’s their program, not ours).

Please, we know you are sorely conflicted about what, if anything, to do. Let us help you sort out the options? We don’t bite, promise!

Give Yourself – and Those You Care About – the Gift of a Life

With the holidays upon us, and a new year looming, isn’t it time you allowed yourself to have a life?

Time to enhance your life that’s been diminished by alcohol abuse?

No, that doesn’t mean reducing yourself even more by becoming a powerless victim.

It does mean getting the brief, effective, affordable, private, and individual help you deserve to put your problems with alcohol firmly behind you.

As one of our former clients put it, “You helped me replace a destructive habit with a life, and that’s made all the difference!”

You too can follow the same proven path that ex-smokers follow to success and move alcohol abuse into the “been there, done that” category.

Improve your life!

Don’t continue to self-destruct with alcohol, or do even more damage to yourself with traditional “programs” that have never worked for more than a very few, and very limited, people.

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