With the holidays behind us – except for the Super Bowl, we suppose – does your personal cost/benefit of your alcohol use since Thanksgiving support doing the same next year?

You don’t have to share your analytic results with anyone but yourself, so be real. What negative impacts did your drinking have on what you did? What did your drinking prevent you from doing?

No, it won’t be different next year.

At least not unless you decide it’s time to make other choices than you did this past year, and the year before, and…

We’re not talking about making vows to quit or promises to everyone in sight.

We are asking you to consider starting to make other choices in your personal, social, recreational, and, perhaps, professional life. Choices that aren’t compatible with alcohol abuse.

You can’t imagine what those options would be?

A lot of people can’t and that is where we come in – helping you to see and refine your choices because we all have more options than we recognize.


Act now and long before the holidays roll around again you’ll be looking forward to them in ways you haven’t imagined in a very long time.

Don’t you think it’s time?

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When life’s changes converge on you and the chardonnay starts flowing just a bit too early, too often, and too much.

We see a lot of you, women between 45 and 55, avalanched by menopause, departing children, professional stagnation, divorce, aging parents, and, sometimes, all of the above.

As life fell on you, the wine bottle became your go-to friend, and daily consumption kept creeping up until now you’re sipping your way through one or more bottles a day.

And your life is teetering on the brink of disaster.

It’s true you’re not alone – there are tens of thousands of smart, competent, successful women across the U.S. and Canada who’ve fallen into the same quagmire and their wine bottle has turned into your personal Tar Baby.

But we doubt you’re getting much comfort from that.

You may be seeing a therapist but you’re probably not telling her about your drinking and she’s become just another brief escape. You’re not telling your doctor either.

But you can tell us and that’ll be as far as it goes.

We can help you sort the awful muddle in your head, prioritize, and develop plans to address the issues. Then we can help you stay motivated, on track, and adjusting to the new ways in which you are learning to live.

That’s learning to live a real life – not a medicated one.

Ready to at least talk about it with one of us who actually understands being afraid, lonely, bored, anxious, out-of-sorts, and depressed?

Your alcohol abuse happened as a logical response to circumstances – it’s not a “disease” – and it’s been a choice that has now quit working. Indeed, it’s now preventing you from making rewarding choices.

Let’s talk about better choices. That’s a free, private conversation. Isn’t it time?

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