Mary Ellen writes:

  “A week before Christmas my brother Jim, was diagnosed with a very extensive cancer. We don’t know the type of cancer yet, but we do know that the tumors are large and in many organs. He hardly had any symptoms at all, so this was a real shock to him and to all of us in the family.

He went from assuming he would live a long and interesting life, like our parents have, to thinking very seriously about end-of-life issues.  I am not sharing this for any sympathy, but to make sure you all realize how very fragile our lives really are.

Many of you read our newsletter every week. For some of you that may be all the help you ever need. For others, you may be assuming that there is lots of time to fix your drinking problem and start living again, so you wait and think about getting help.

You haven’t called – you assume there’s always time for that.  I want to tell you that the time is now. Don’t wait any longer. Make your life really count. Start living again.”

We can still help you. Give us a call now.

How much of 2011’s baggage do you really want to take along into 2012?

You postponed fixing you alcohol problem all through 2011 (not to mention 2010, 2009, …) and, as of last night, ran it into 2012 – something you said you weren’t going to do. Perhaps it’s finally time to do what Hemingway suggested and “do sober what you always said you’d do when you were drunk” and quit?

Or, as he further suggested, “keep your mouth shut”?

And remember, “Papa” killed himself in an Idaho bathtub after alcohol destroyed him creatively and physically. He was only 60 at the time.

This really is a problem you can overcome. You can outdo Hemingway,William Faulkner, Dorothy Parker, Hunter Thompson, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, and a gazillion other smart successful people who were just too damn scared and/or lazy to manage their own lives.

Or they may have believed that the only option was the even worse death by AA.

But you know better.

So before you lose another year that’s only just started…

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