Why 12 Step Programs Can’t Help You

Ed and Mary Ellen here from Non 12 Stepwith more information on overcoming alcohol dependency.

Yes, we’re talking about getting your life back.

In our last letter, we talked about the most common characteristic alcohol abusers share. You may have some of the same issues.

Right now, your ability to stop drinking is restricted by the belief – common to most people – that you can’t control your drinking unless you first “hit bottom.”

In fact, your lack of success can be traced back to one thing:

Here’s why:

12 Step and other disease-based treatments have a vested interest in convincing you that you’re powerless to change.

Getting you to relinquish your personal power is their ultimate goal.

So even if you have to suffer huge losses before finally hitting bottom, they’ll tell you that’s the only path to real change.

And this is why they will insist you can’t change without admitting you have no control.

Because most problem drinkers are so frustrated at their inability to change, that they’ll accept almost anything they’re told, if it gives them hope.

Does “Their” Treatment Work?

How much hope can you place in their treatment that consistently reports an 95% failure rate?

Is loss of your personal power really worth the risk?

But this is exactly what the 12 Step Programs want you to believe.

When that happens, they’re able to install themselves as the authority figure in your life.

They simply substitute one kind of dependency (alcohol) for another (the 12 Steps).

And guess what? You’ll probably notice a pattern going on.

Every time you hit bottom, you go looking for someone else to tell you what to do and the pattern continues:

  1. Hit bottom and tell yourself you have no control…
  2. Go into a 12 Step treatment…
  3. Hope for a 5% chance you’ll become a recovering alcoholic for the rest of your life…

(This is how most problem drinkers try to get better)

So, if you have to hit bottom before you can get better, do you know what you are actually thinking?

“Hey! If I’m pretty miserable right now, but until I hit bottom, I can’t get better”

And this is why most problem drinkers suffer through cycle after cycle of  relapse and recovery.

It’s because they equate getting control with being in perpetual recovery. They think they can never become an “ex-drinker” in the same way that others have become “ex-smokers”.

“Powerless” In NOT The Answer!

You probably realize this by now.

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