By Dr. Ed Wilson and Dr. Mary Ellen Barnes

“WOW, what can I say – that Naltrexone is great! It took away my cravings and let me get a leg up on my drinking problem. Everybody should try it.” Jay M. San Diego, CA

FDA Approved to Counteract Your Alcohol Cravings

Widely available in Europe for over twenty years, Naltrexone provides quick relief to most drinkers. When used in conjunction with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Naltrexone has been shown to significantly enhance alcohol treatment effectiveness.

For most of our clients it functions in much the same way nicotine patches do for smokers, it cuts the craving for alcohol. In addition, it interferes with the brain’s feeling of well being that is associated with drinking. Simply put, you’ll have less desire to drink and none of the usual rewards from drinking.

Naltrexone support isn’t anything like the more commonly prescribed Antabuse, an aversive drug whose use resulted in violent illness when combined with even trace amounts of alcohol. That did sometimes work for those willing to risk the results and still fits well with the frequently punitive nature of many treatment regimens.

Naltrexone Helps Some Drinkers Moderate Their Alcohol Use

The two-pronged, but non-aversive, effects of Naltrexone have also been found to be effective for those of you seeking to moderate your alcohol use. With cravings eliminated and pleasurable effects muted, drinkers, such as yourself, often find your consumption declining.

As we are sure you can figure out, as alcohol’s appeal declines, other recreational and social activities expand to fill the time formerly allotted to drinking. With this change in emphasis many of our clients find themselves easing back out of alcohol abuse and dependence in much the same way they grew into it.

I’m successfully drinking only 1 beer a day and really happy about that! The Naltrexone makes such a difference. Thanks.” Bob L. San Pedro, CA

Naltrexone really did take my craving away. I can now concentrate on getting my life together. This is great!” Marie J. Great Falls, MT

Naltrexone saved my marriage. What can I say – it works! My drinking is under control. My wife isn’t leaving me. Your program helped me so much.” Ernie. F. Los Angeles, CA

Effective Counseling Insures Long Term Change

Naltrexone helps to level the playing field, so to speak, while competent counseling helps build new behaviors. Long term success means creating a new life without alcohol abuse that is more satisfactory than your old one.

Without effective help, many people will follow their prescription for a period of time then stop using it and old behaviors reassert themselves. Consequently, Naltrexone works best as a temporary support in conjunction with competent professional counseling whether the goal is abstinence or moderation.
Generally speaking, this will involve short-term cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in an outpatient setting. Ideally, the Naltrexone phase in a person’s behavioral change program should last from three to six months with a gradual phase-out, though is easily tailored to individual client’s needs and preferences.

Give Yourself Every Chance For Success!

As you know, real change takes time and a gradual transition away from medical and therapeutic support is usually most effective. The success that you achieve is, after all, usually based on your motivation, support, knowledge, and practice.

Naltrexone isn’t a magic bullet but it does help create a window of opportunity – a window waiting for you to use. Don’t miss this opportunity. With good planning, new activities, and competent support you will find that change is possible.

Remember, your reclaimed life is a tremendous gift to give, both to yourself and those around you. If you would like to try anti-craving medication, our physicians can help – give us a call at 888-541-6350.