Effective Non 12 Step Alcohol Treatment

Traditional 12 Step based alcoholism and alcohol abuse treatment, like its AA base, has about a 3% – 5% success rate. Non 12 Step treatments have rates ranging from the same abysmal levels – which really aren’t any better than doing nothing – to over 60% when clients are carefully selected and matched to the appropriate solutions. It’s not rocket science, as our clients are fond of noting, but effective non 12 step treatment does take care and the skillful application of correctly matched services.

How does that work? If a program is going to offer effective solutions then the program needs to specialize. That seems obvious, but if they are dedicated to perpetuating the myth that alcohol abuse is a monolithic “disease” – and about 98% of the programs, whether 12 Step or Non 12 Step, are – then they have no reason to differentiate between clients and the processes and approaches that lead to good outcomes.

We, on the other hand, recognize that you are an individual and that your use of alcohol is the result of a mosaic of factors that are unique to you. We also know that eliminating your alcohol abuse will require the adoption of a corresponding mosaic of skills, factors, and processes.

The creation and implementation of this individualized plan and services will also need to be based on your strengths, interests, abilities, and other factors unique to your personal situation. This is the hallmark of effective non 12 step treatment.

Again, it isn’t rocket science to know that you need to address the conditions you are self-medicating with responses that you like which also address these underlying discomforts. As a reverse example, most people who try AA find it to be more demeaning, depressing, and life impairing than they find drinking. Therefore they may continue to go, to placate others, but they also compensate by drinking even more! Not exactly a successful approach.

There really are a myriad of variables involved in anyone’s drinking. Age, gender, years of abusing alcohol, intelligence, employment, family history, current marital circumstances,  emotional maturity, education, profession, and so on. Among other things, this means that it’s impossible to productively address these factors in a group setting. If you are not being helped in a manner that addresses your circumstances, and all the variables that implies, then you simply aren’t being helped in any meaningful way.

To review – if you want to actually fix the problems your drinking is causing you, you need to be treated as an individual or couple; you need to be properly assessed; you need to have your circumstances and history considered; you need an effective non 12 step treatment solution based on all of these factors and one which enhances your life and empowers you.

In short – you need to end up happier without the alcohol than you are with.

Obviously 12 Step and AA based approaches address none of the actual circumstances surrounding your alcohol abuse and only a few of the non 12 step approaches do. Of the programs that really do offer meaningful treatment, we are the only one that does so confidentially, individually, privately, affordably, and professionally with a strictly alcohol focus.

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