Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment – Non 12 Step Alternatives to AA

Here’s What We Can Do For You That No
Other Alcohol Treatment Program Can!

Our 5-Day Non 12 Step Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Program is the ideal blend of focused, one-on-one alcoholism treatment with the freedom to stay in a hotel or resort of your choice. This is the perfect solution for individuals and couples with time restrictions due to busy careers and/or family obligations and/or for people who need complete privacy and confidentiality in their treatment.

You don’t need to go away for 30, 60 or 90 days to fix your alcohol abuse problem. Our Outpatient Treatment Program uses CBT, Motivational Enhancement, Assertiveness Training, Diet and Exercise recommendations, Self-Awareness, and a number of other factors, combined into the specific mosaic of tools that will work for you. Let us give you the jump-start you need to succeed in overcoming your alcohol abuse problem.

All of this is accomplished in absolute privacy and with a degree of comfort and control that is entirely up to you. This level of programming means:

Individual Treatment – our focus on you and your issues alone;, no groups at all!
Specialized – Alcoholism treatment only – we specialize in the issues contributing to alcohol problems.
Fast! – 5 days with us and follow-up by phone/Skype from the comfort and privacy of your home.
Confidential – we have no group treatment, so you will never see another client while working with us;
Freedom – We treat you like the adult you are. You can choose what to do with your time when not with us, and you can stay at any hotel you choose from basic to luxury;
Effective – our success rate, a year after treatment is 65%.
100% Professional counseling by PhD’s.
Couples counseling – you can choose to actively involve your spouse in your treatment.
Affordable – we offer one of the most affordable treatment options in the country.

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Our Promise

We’re confident you will put your alcohol dependency behind you for good.But even more importantly, we are here to equip you with the skills and tools you need to create the kind of rich and rewarding life you deserve.In fact, we’re so sure of your success that we’re making this unheard of guarantee.For up to 1 year after your initial stay with us, you can return for another round of coaching and treatment at no charge.We do this on a space available basis, because we want you to know we are absolutely committed to your success.