Freedom Within the 4 Day, Plus 12 Weeks of Follow-up, Non 12 Step Outpatient – and Now Distance Delivered Too – Alcohol Treatment Program

If you go off to a traditional alcohol treatment program, not only will you be exposing yourself, and your problem, but you be signing up for the failed AA cult, and you will be checking into a prison of varying degrees of comfort, but a prison nonetheless.

Treatment centers, no matter how good the view, the meals, and the personal assistants, are still all about molding you to fit their model. You will be told that you can’t bring anything beyond some clothes. No cell phone, no laptop, and, in some cases, no prescribed medications even though they are necessary.

You will also be required to “admit” that you are a “powerless alcoholic” and if you dispute this you will be told you are in “denial” and will require an even longer stay.

All this despite the fact that the vast majority of the people seeking help are alcohol abusers, not alcohol dependent “alcoholics”. Of the people we interview each year, fewer than 5% actually meet the criteria for needing residential placement, and these are in need of medical services, not AA

We, on the other hand, treat you with the respect you deserve for being willing to face and fix a difficult and troubling problem, not by shrinking yourself and your life with labels and myths, but by using you strengths, abilities, intelligence, interests, and successes to fashion a better life – one without alcohol’s destructive influence.

That means we invite you to choose distance delivery via the HIPPA compliant DOXY network, conference calling, or working with us out of our Calabasas, CA office – whichever meets your needs, desires, preferences, and budget. We’re happy, as in all matters, to recommend and discuss the possibilities in as much detail as your comfort requires.

We also suggest that you banish the words “alcoholic” and “alcoholism” from your vocabulary. These terms rarely apply in any case, and serve no useful purpose, unless that’s what you want to be, but then you should be going to AA, not coming to us. They and 12 Step based programs will be thrilled to teach you how to be an alcoholic and enjoy all of the benefits which that status confers.

But we thought that was what you wanted to avoid?

Working with us will provide you with the foundation that you need and deserve to leave your alcohol abuse behind. Combined with the real follow-up support we offer you will have learned how to manage your cravings, emotions, behaviors, and choices. With those under control, you will also begin living a healthier and happier day-to-day life which makes returning to self-medication, or membership in a life-diminishing cult, far less desirable options than other programs promote.

Yes, working with us you will get a better, more complete, well-rounded, and healthier life – physically, emotionally, professionally, and personally – then you have ever enjoyed before. A better life that does not include alcohol, as the focus, in any form. Don’t sign up for the stigma and limitations of the new Scarlet A.